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For Coaches, Healers & Transformational Experts Who Are Ready To Embrace Their Awesomeness, Make A Big Impact & Have It All!

The Transformation Begins In...









It's Time.

It’s time for you to get what you want in your business. It’s time for your dreams, visions and goals to manifest into your reality. It’s time to start being the real you. The you who came here to make a big impact, to live your truth and play a big game.


It’s time for you to:

  • Feel worthy of your dreams and KNOW that you are making them happen (despite your circumstances)

  • Feel in alignment with and excited about your business every single day

  • Have consistent clients and income

  • Fill your workshop or group program

  • Be the leader you know you truly are

  • Reach people beyond your door step

  • Build a global community

  • Have the coaching business you know deep down that you are capable of... 

  • Step into your true awesomeness!


Let Me Guess.

You’ve been working hard to grow your business.

You work hard to market yourself.

You look at your vision board every day.

But the truth is... you may doubt yourself.


Sometimes you may have negative thoughts or negative thinking...

Sometimes all you can think about is how difficult it is to build the business and have the life you deserve.

And it seems like nothing is going right for you.

The truth is, sometimes it can be hard. But it doesn't have to be...

When you work from home and you are isolated from others, it can become difficult to stay in alignment with your truth if you aren’t trained in it... yet. 


This is why I have trained coaches from around the world to be the

Master of their AWESOMENESS.


If you find that you have done a lot of work on yourself and/or your business but there is still something missing you are probably in one of two positions. 

Position 1 - The A+ Action Taker!

You are actively trying everything you learn. You take a class on webinars and do one. You learn how to do Facebook Ads, you've got them out there. You are truly implementing like the A+ student that you are but somethings still amiss. The results aren't where you think they should be for the amount of effort you are putting in. 


Position 2 - The Perpetual A+ Student!

You are actively learning, taking webinars, courses, listening to podcasts but if you are honest with yourself, you're not taking massive action. You are stuck in the perpetual student mode and you just can't seem to break out. Every now and again you try something, but on a small scale.  

You want to be seen but you don't want to be seen. It's a constant cycle of frustration that leaves you exhausted. 

No matter which position you find yourself in you know deep down, you are amazing and here to make a difference.

But it can be hard to admit because your results aren't reflecting back what you think.

It scares you to put your truth out there. To really be confident and stand in your power. To voice yourself. To be heard. To stand up for what you really believe in.


You know you need to, but it's scary as hell. What if people think you're...

  • cocky

  • full of yourself or worse...

  • a know-it-all?


What if people don't like the shiny version of you? The one who is happy, successful and kicking ass in her business? (Yes, we can say that here).

What if people you love and care for feel threatened by your success? What if they think you're crazy because of your wild ambitious dreams?



Because here's a secret... You are crazy (AWESOME crazy)...

You are crazy...

  • talented

  • beautiful

  • caring

  • courageous

  • bold and

  • successful

I know this because you wouldn't be here reading about how to manifest your awesomeness so you can have success in your BIG dream if you weren't a little crazy (at least from what the rest of the world's point of view).


But isn't it us, the crazy ones, who think and believe that we can make positive change in the world the ones who actually do?

It's only us, the bold, fearless and courageous ones who band together and unite to become a force for good on the planet.

You are in the right place. You just need a little help getting yourself shined up again, full of courage, boldness and awesomeness.

I say, no more saying NO to your SOUL. No more blocking out your true self, your message, your core, your courage... you.

No more...

  • staying quiet
  • not asking for the sale
  • undervaluing yourself
  • not believing in yourself
  • saying yes to everyone else but you and...
  • no more excuses!


It's time to begin saying YES to yourself.

Say YES to your yes!

Say YES to your big dreams!

Say YES to your soul!

Say YES to your abundance!

Say YES to your future clients!

Say YES to your ambition!

Say YES to your awesomeness!

Say YES to YOU!

The calling of your awesomeness is waiting for you.

You were born for greatness.

You were born to be a leader.

You were born to help others.

You were born to lavish in your wildest dreams.

You were born to be brave and bold.

You were born to shine so bright they can see you from space.

You were born for this and you KNOW it.


You were born with greatness within you and it's time to let it be unleashed! There's nothing on this planet more freeing than feeling the true freedom to be who you are. To live the way you want to live. To express yourself the way you want to express yourself.


You are being YOU.

With no questions asked.

No limitations.

No substitions.

It's just you and you. 

You and your power.

You and your truth. 

It's you AND the world working together to co-create a legacy so incredible that your great-great-great grandchildren will be talking about your awesomeness. 

I Know This Story Well.

I too was stuck in a story of lack. One where there was never enough time or money. There just didn’t seem to be enough business coming in no matter how much I asked for it. 

Then in 2012, things began to turn around for me. I began to tell a new story. That I was ready. That I was a leader. That I could help people and that I knew what I was doing. That my struggles gave me strength and knowledge. This new story gave me an unparalleled confidence that allowed me to step into the leadership role that was necessary for me to run my business. 

Today, I run my 100% digital business from my laptop with customers and clients in 5 continents, reaching an ever growing community of 8,000+ coaches, healers and transformational entrepreneurs every week. I'm a Huffington Post Blogger and am an International Speaker. 

And even better than my story is that of my clients. Clients who have created 5 and 6 figure businesses that allow them to serve the world with their gifts. 

You Can Have This, Too.


Imagine Being The Master of Your Awesomeness!



Manifest Your Awesomeness is an immersion experience into your awesomeness. For 12 weeks we will be together to help you breakthrough the blocks that have been holding you back from really shining. 

This is about helping you get back to you. Often times we can so easily believe the reality in front of us...

  • Lack of time, money or resources
  • I'm not _______ enough
  • Who am I to? 
  • <insert your most common story of lack here>

This is about letting go of your story and rewiting it so that it EMPOWERS your big future. 


You do this for your clients everyday.... but who's doing it for you? 


The wait is over. You've found your tribe. 

The Manifest Your Awesomeness Community is here to help you do what you can't do for yourself. To help you...

  • See what you can't see.
  • Rewrite your story of lack into abundance.
  • Step into the leader you really are. The leader who embraces challenge and allows solutions in. The leader who doesn't get caught up in the illusion of lack (like not enough clients, money or time) and who taps into their true source of abundance - YOU - to manifest your reality! 

This is about putting your dreams and desires at the forefront of your life.

Stop waiting, wishing and hoping that your business will get better. If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting the results you are getting.

Time won't change that.

YOU need to change first, then the results will change. 


"Manifest Your Awesomeness has given me back! I knew she was in there somewhere... but somehow the negative had taken over my spirit and drive.

Honestly, this is the best thing I've ever done for myself! You have such a natural way of bringing out the best in people, showing me the possibilities and that there really is no limit if my mindset is in the right place! I'm forever thankful for you and this experience!

When I start to slip into that doubtful mode, it helps to hear your voice... "okay what would Jennifer say to me..." it's funny how this is what I do for others, but you don't realize until you have your own coach, how important having one is! Thank you!

I’ve ran my first group program, am getting amazing feedback and have been asked to speak at a conference in September! Thank you #MYA and the abundant universe!"

Kori Kostka
Nourished Body

"Since working with Jennifer I’ve discovered that business can be FUN and that the more I enjoy it the greater are the results. I found the confidence I needed to be unapologetic about my pricing and my clients have responded to it in amazing ways... So much so, that I recently realized I have a fully booked schedule! How awesome is that?"

Andrea Gomez
Artist & Creativity Coach

"Manifest Your Awesomeness has given me the ability to recognize and address more of my personal issues. This not only helps me personally but builds my toolkit when it comes to helping others. I found the trigger work incredibly helpful (although not what I expected would be the most beneficial).

I have manifested new business, ideas, connections, confidence, money, travel opportunities, free lunches, opt in products and more. I love how open and giving you are! Thank you ❤"

Michelle Evans
Healer & Self Love Coach

To Manifest Your Awesomeness You Need 3 Key Factors


If you want more income and impact in your life, you must raise your standards around them. Right now you are making what you are demanding of yourself. If you want more affluence and influence you must demand more of yourself. This means, no more 'hoping' it will happen, you must decide that now is your time and there's no turning back. 

You must turn your business results from an 'I wish' or 'That would be nice' to an absolute MUST. When things shift from shoulds to musts, the game changes. 

Because your emotions are so tied to your results, you must decide that they are both something you are ready to master. 



One of the biggest reasons coaches stay stuck in their businesses is because they don't know what is blocking them. You can't fix what you don't know is broken. That's why it's so important to be able to have someone trained who knows what to look for help you discover where you are actually blocked. 

Being able to get personalized support through this journey can make all the difference between finally breaking through and continuing to struggle. Most coaches spend years trying to break through their own blocks by themselves. When all they really need is consistent personalized feedback so that while they are shifting and changing they don't fall back into old patterns. 

When you combine that with having a community of like minded awesome coaches going through the same process as you, it's empowering, motivating and inspiring. You have a place to get help when you need it and people to cheer you on and celebrate when you have breakthroughs! It's take a team to build a business and that includes your collegues who understand you and who are as invested as you. 



Mastering Your Awesomeness is a BEING thing. You are allowing yourself to become who you really are. You are letting go off the old you. The one who believed in lack, doubt and fear. The easiest way for this to be done is to immerse yourself into it. Just like if you were going to learn a new language, the fastest path would be to live somewhere they speak it, take a class, do your homework and practice with native speakers. 

Learning to live in your awesomeness and speak it regularly is the same thing. It's a new way to speak and show up in the world. Immersing yourself in it with a community who speak it, homework to help you learn and people to practice with is the fastest way to get the traction you need to get momentum. Momentum is game changing and will give you the trajectory you need to start manifesting awesomeness in your business! 

"If you had of asked me 6 months ago if I would ever feel this light, free and confident and full of possibilities I would have never said it was possible because there was such a dark weight around me. When I started there was a restriction around my heart, weight on my shoulders and everything was foggy and gloomy. There wasn’t a lot of belief in myself. I was very unconfident and felt unsure about myself.

Now, I see the world completely different than I did before.

I am a different person then I was when we began. I can’t even picture who I was. I am happier, freer, I am in control of my own life now. That is a huge thing for me. The weight that has been lifted off my shoulders is enormous.

I recommend working with Jennifer 110%! You are my favourite manifestation."

Sarah Kane

"When I first began working with Jennifer, I was feeling lost and hopeless. I was focused on the hard and negative and really struggling to make any changes.

The biggest challenge that I had to overcome in my business (and my life if I’m being honest) is that I was in hiding. I was scared to show the world my true self and so I kept myself small.

From the very first day of working together, Jennifer encouraged me to take big action and put myself out there. Not only is my business growing but I’m growing. My relationship with my family has dramatically improved, I now have a solid plan for my business which includes hiring an employee and I’m reinvigorated about my business and my life. "

Angie Bell
Angela Bell Acunpuncture

When you step into your awesomeness...

- you excitedly take massive action (procrastination who?)

- small bumps in the road fuel you to do better next time

- you say ‘yes’ to new challenges because you know the universe will have your back and help you figure it out

- you see the beauty in your journey. You revel in the fact that you are constantly learning, growing and becoming who you really are. Everyday is a gift.

- you understand that everyday you are building your business and being who you really are. This is the good stuff. You aren't waiting for your business to hit any particular milestone, you are doing it now!

Opportunity becomes your middle name.

This is where the magic is.

People will wonder if you sat on a lucky horse shoe!

Nope... you just started allowing in what was really yours: your awesomeness!

"I received more than I expected from Manifest Your Awesomeness. Who I am as a person has really changed. My attitude and problem solving is very different now. When I have difficulties I am much more likely to get curious about a solution where as in the past I would get discouraged and have a download spiral. This was a life changing class. I am so grateful that I was able to experience this! I’ve manifested many people with amazing connections. My current living situation has changed for the better and I have new friendships, board members and funding!"

Amanda Fulford
President, Women United


This isn't just a course. This is a transformational EXPERIENCE!

12 weeks dedicated to diving deep into your psychology, your awesomeness and your soul.

Each week is designed to build upon each other in a way that creates a momentum of awesomeness like you've ever felt before.

This is how the magic will happen starting Monday, April 24th, 2017! 

Abundant Habits

We will begin the course by helping you implement the habits that will be the cornerstone of your success. If you want to manifest your awesomeness, you must begin to practice it. These habits will empower you to entrench yourself with the principles and habits that will be the basis of your way of being.

Goal Setting The MYA Way!

Learn how to set goals that will set you free. No more setting goals and not reaching them and then feeling bad about yourself for them. It’s time to set goals like the manifesting genius that you are. There’s a secret to this so that you can bring in what you want in magical ways that you could never have dreamed up. 


On our journey we have triggers that are both obvious and hidden. This week we will help you uncover the triggers that are giving you valuable information on where you need to heal so that you can begin to let the past go to open up to your future.


Healing Your Shadows

We all have light and dark within us. During this week we are going to focus on healing shadows beneath the layers that have been unconsciously holding you back. It's time to let the past go and live for your future from a clean slate. 


Make Friends With Money

This is a hot topic for entrepreneurs and it is time to tackle it. We are going deep into the psychology of money. How it affects you, how you see it and what needs to happen so that you can get really comfortable with having an abundance of it on a regular basis. 
It’s time to get really intimate with money. 

Be Someone's Manifestation

One of the best things to break down fear of putting yourself out there is to put yourself out there! It’s time for you to see yourself differently. Here we will help you emotionally tie your business to the greater good and your true worth. You are meant to be successful. You are meant to follow your dreams. You are meant to get them. And you deserve them. It’s good for others when YOU succeed! 

Strength Building For Your Inner Self

After 6 weeks together, you will be in such a different energetic space that it will be time to rebuild your inner belief muscles. You will learn how to use your past, present and future to your advantage. You will become a powerhouse storyteller so that you can allow that new story to unfold into magical awesomeness all around you.

Build Confidence & Credibility Through Networking

They say your networth is equal to your network and it's true. You must be able to put yourself out there in a way that enables you to confidently shine so that you can attract the right people and opportunities into your experience. 

Learn how to master the art of networking while living in your awesomeness (even if you are an introvert). 

Make What You Want Normal

So often we see our dreams as something far away from us. Not anymore. This module is about how to upgrade your courage and live as though your big dreams are already in your reality. You will be challenged to take bigger action steps and live boldly into who you really are.

Allow Business In

Ready to let the world know who you are? This module is all about continuing to build your muscles around putting yourself out there. It will enable you to get very clear on what you stand for in your business and give you the tools to put it out there in a way that it gets noticed.

Leadership While Manifesting Your Awesomeness

 In this module we dive into how to be a leader when it gets tough, when people ask the hard questions and challenge you. We also cover how to stand in your truth and have presence with others to help you exude confidence and the ability to influence positively. 

Mastering Manifesting Your Awesomeness 

This last module will bring everything you've been learning together to help you become a master of your awesomeness. 

It will give you the courage to set bigger goals, put yourself out there and jump into your future. 

"What really helped me take the bullet train in my business was working with Jennifer. It made a big difference. It was a good investment in myself, my business and it all comes back. I would not be where I am right now if I didn’t hire her.

Jennifer really helped me with my mindset. I had done some exercises before but I didn’t realize the magnitude of how important it is to be in the right mindset and to choose on purpose to feel good and work from there. The mindset work was so powerful that I brought it into the work I do with my clients.

Now I have 1-on-1 coaching, online programs, in person group coaching programs and an intern! I run my business on a schedule that works for me to be able to pick my son up from school and spend time with him."

Mihaela Telecan


It takes a team to build a business and we are your team for the next 12 weeks. Here's what you can expect...

  • a dedicated Facebook group with our tribe who are all on the journey together.
  • weekly group calls to ask questions, go through your challenges and celebrate your wins.
  • weekly content and challenges to help you take massive action every week and actually integrate into your being this new way of thinking and living.
  • support and encouragement from myself and others every day. We will be your cheerleaders and those who understand you. 

"I very much enjoyed the program, so much so, that I am going to go back and revisit it all over again.

I have gained some new knowledge and skills that I now need to implement on a regular, daily basis for personal development benefit. I am less needing to feel that I need to please others needs before myself, for acceptance reasons and am not feeling as much guilt to say 'no' to others influences and opportunities when I need to.

I have shocked myself with how empathetic and understanding I can be in one on one coaching. I believe my positive mindset from loving MYA teachings has helped with this.

I really enjoyed Jennifer’s guidance and energy."


It's time to Raise Your Standards for your emotions and income. 

To take risks and leap into your future with faith and trust.

You decide that you are that person and you want to get there as fast you as you can.

You build your tribe, you get the resources and start manifesting your awesomeness. 

The Doors To MYA 2.0 Are Officially Closed!

Your Awesome Guarantee

If you go through this course and fully participate in each module (which means doing the work, posting in the group and attending lives calls when possible), and you don’t feel like you have received at least 10X the value of what you invested, I will happily give you a full refund. 

That’s how confident I am, that when you follow the call and invest in this program and community, you will see incredible results for yourself. 

"Jennifer-it is amazing how we met & I am so grateful the universe put you in my life. I know I have grown tremendously because you have been coaching me in MYA.

I was able to increase sales (had my best month ever), have new opportunities open up including hiring a branding strategist, hired a rockstar VA, provide a better experience to my clients, and I am becoming a better leader for my team.

You've helped my business development grow already, and taken it from "thinking about it" to implementation. That is slightly scary to do sometimes when I've been stuck in overwhelm. However, I hear you in my head talking about having abundance (not lack), and I immediately change my thoughts to all about abundance.

I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to grow in their business, which also means personal development, to become a student with you. The different weekly exercises are very thought-provoking, and not something you can just read an online article and "get.”

Having the group and you with the feedback and support system was such a pleasant surprise. It was wonderful to know there were people who were in similar places (wanting to grow themselves & their business), and they encouraged each other, particularly when anyone was feeling down. Thank you for this incredible opportunity to enrich my life so much! XOXO"

Chris Ann Dale

"Manifest Your Awesomeness has had an awesome impact on my life! I've been attracting the right people and opportunities just when I need them, and have even manifested over $6,000 in a single month (which I never thought possible for me)!

Jennifer helped me learn how valuable my skills are and that it's okay not to be the right fit for every potential client (& vice versa!). She was supportive and real throughout the whole course and created a fun team atmosphere where we all felt safe. I'm thrilled to be able to say that, now, my dream life is already a reality and I can't wait to see what else the Universe has in store!"

Lesley Raymond
CEO, Lantern

"As I reflected on my first year of business I realized that I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. I started my business because I was passionate about helping women but what was the point if I was just miserable all of the time?

I was on an emotional roller coaster all of the time. I was so caught up in the ups and downs. I would get so excited that the ‘next thing’ was my big break. I would emotionally get so down on myself and criticize myself thinking that it wasn’t going to work. I would think horrible thoughts.

I don’t think I knew what I needed to know or do until I worked with Jennifer.

The biggest thing I took away was understanding that I have can’t love my business when I have clients and hate my business when I have no clients. I'm in it for the long haul and I have to be unconditional with my emotions around it. It was about feeling good despite the conditions of my business.

As well, I didn’t realize how deep my money and success issues were. The realization of the beliefs I had around how money had to come in and what it would take (that I had to work really hard) were really big for me.

I now have the confidence to know that I am in this for the long haul. I don’t take things personally anymore. It doesn’t mean my business is going to fail. I can now get over it and move on.

My business has become an actual business where I’m marketing well, growing my list and I have consistent income and clients."

Jenn Hand


Every coach knows that there is a time where they done playing small. They are tired of having inconsistency in both their performance and their results. They want to make a big impact in the world. They want to be the coach they know they can be. They want the money to flow in, the incredible clients to show up and the lifestyle they deserve. 

 You CAN have this. You CAN have the clients, the consistent income and more importantly, you CAN feel happy, inspired, excited, joyful and full of awesomeness no matter what is going on in your business. You can have it all, if you allow yourself to. 

This is your chance. This live experience is 100% focused on helping you get out of lack and into abundance. It’s about getting out of your own way so that you can allow in all that you have really wanted. 

There’s no need to wait any longer. This is the community, direction and leadership that you have been searching for. I can help you manifest your awesomeness. I’ve done it for myself, been a guide for others, and now, I want to help you, too. It’s all here for you... when you decide. 

"I had to laugh most of the time. There were so many little things that I have been doing and being within myself that I wasn't aware of. After listening to the modules and doing the work, consistently....I could see where I was repeating old patterns.

I thought I was on top of my mindset and in many ways I am. Yet I often would giggle at that week's task or challenge. Things that I had forgotten about. Things that I had cleared off, released and healed in the past, in many cases many times.

But here's the big picture...I realized that what I had learned in the past supported me well at that phase and growth period in my life. Hear the lesson from another teacher, at a different time and completely different place of growth in your life.....and your perspective is something entirely different. I had stagnated and constricted in many areas in my mindset and in relationship to my spiritual business. Doing the exercises and training's supported me in relaxing and feeling more joyful in how I choose to build my business.

I manifested a lot of goodies while on this awesome journey these last 3 months. I have manifested a new FB page and web site. I manifested full bookings in my rental property. I received an amazing gift in the mail. I received some cash deposits in my bank account that I was not expecting at all. I have been given the opportunity to work with two new people as clients. I have manifested courage to walk away from stifling relationships. It was a very busy three months of allowing, accepting and being grateful for many many new and supportive experiences in my life.

You have often said "you need to earn the right to sell to potential clients." You show us how to do that. You show us how to model what you do in your business, turn it around and do the same for ours. I feel supported, empowered, and encouraged. You participate in the groups that you create. You keep your experiences with your clients intimate and REAL. I love how you do business and how support your supporters."

Terrie Crawford
TLC Soul Garden

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How is this program different from other programs helping coaches grow their businesses? 

This program is different because it is 100% focused on mindset. Success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. While understanding marketing and sales matters, what matters more is who you are being when you are doing them. Most coaches are coming from a lack mindset while implementing their business strategies and that's why they keep struggling. 

You can't change beliefs that don't support you overnight. If you have been thinking one way for years, you need consistent feedback, reminders and support in order to consciously shift who you are being in your business everyday. Manifest Your Awesomeness does that for you.

Another marketing strategy isn't going to work for you until YOU change. You are the common denominator between all of the strategies you are trying. 

You must embody being an abundant successful entrepreneur. When you do this, results will rush into your experience. 


Q2. Will this work for me? 

If you come into this with an open mind and allow yourself to be coachable, then YES! You will experience big shifts. 

Obviously, like any coaching course or experience, it is what you make of it so I can not guarantee any specific result. 

Here's what I can guarantee: 

This is my life's work and I take that very seriously. You are in a safe environment with someone who has experience helping people just like you breakthrough. I will show up for you and hold you in the space of who you really are. 


Q3. When does Manifest Your Awesomeness officially start? 

This live experience begins Monday, April 24th with the release of Module 1. 


Q4. What is included? 

  • a dedicated Facebook group with our tribe who are all on the journey together.
  • weekly group calls to ask questions, go through your challenges and celebrate your wins.
  • weekly content and challenges to help you take massive action every week and actually integrate into your being this new way of thinking and living.
  • support and encouragement from myself and others every day. We will be your cheerleaders and those who understand you.

The program runs for 12 weeks. Each week you will have a new training, a challenge and a group call. 


Q4. I'm not 100% sure this is for me. Can I talk to you personally first? 

Yes. If you are seriously considering joining the program but want to talk to me personally, email me or message me in the Facebook group and we will chat. I want everyone who comes into MYA to feel awesome and excited about their investment. 

About Jennifer

Jennifer Trask is a mindset coach and business advisor for coaches and healers. Through her private coaching practice and online programs, Jennifer helps her clients break out of lack and create abundant mindsets so that they can grow their businesses and become the catalysts for change they came to be.

After her first business failed, Jennifer overcame her own limiting beliefs and was able to successfully create a full­time coaching business that now enables her to travel the world as a digital nomad. Jennifer has now traveled to 27 countries and lived in 8 of them for an extended period of time. With customers and clients in over 5 continents and reaching over 8,000+ coaches and healers online, Jennifer is living her passion of helping others profitably live theirs.

As an international speaker, Jennifer has spoken in Canada, The U.S. and Australia. Jennifer has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and an MBA in International Business. She is a Huffington Post blogger, a featured contributor in the award ­winning book, 'Living College Life In The Front Row' by celebrated coach Jon Vroman, and has been featured in publications such as Inspired Coach Magazine and Upwork Digital Nomad series. When she is not traveling the globe, Jennifer calls St. John’s, NL, Canada home with her wonderfully nutty family, including her six nieces and nephews.