Strategically Grow Your Business With LinkedIn

The world’s leading platform for professionals is filled with millions of people NEEDING what you have to offer. But will they find you? Let’s make sure they do.


You know you need to be on LinkedIn, but you aren’t sure what you are supposed to do there.

On top of that, who wants to waste time figuring it out?

Not you.

And you don’t have to!

As a service provider you need to position yourself as THE authority on your topic. Making you the obvious choice for your ideal client.


In order to do that you need:

  1. A Clear & Succinct Message
  2. Engaging Content
  3. Content That Converts!


If you are missing even one of these, you’re losing sales.


That's Why I Created Boost Yourself

With Boost Yourself you will learn how to strategically use LinkedIn to grow your business with confidence (no more wondering why it isn't working for you). 

Imagine spending your time on LinkedIn, KNOWING that what you are doing is working.

With Boost Yourself you’ll:

- know what to do on the platform to maximize your time and effort (who has time to waste these days?)

- feel confident putting yourself out there

- get clients!


This Isn't Just Training, It's A Growing Community. 

In Boost Yourself you'll also be a part of a growing community. You'll receive help and support every day! 

You'll be a part of: 

  • A Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your wins and learn everyday (our community is THE BEST)!
  • Monthly Q&A coaching calls to help you strategically grow your business (take advantage of my 19 years of experience in marketing and sales)
  • Daily boost posts to help you get more engagement (no more poor engagement for your posts)!
  • New trainings and content to help you in all areas of your business! 


Inside the doors of this membership site you’ll discover how to create…


1. Your Clear & Succinct Message

Does your LinkedIn profile truly allow someone to know what you do and how you help them quickly? You’ll learn how to communicate your message in a way that your ideal clients can hear you.

You’ll also get a detailed checklist to help you create an awesome LinkedIn profile that will get your ideal clients excited about connecting with you!

Then you’ll be able to take your clear messaging and put it into your consistent awesome content that will draw your ideal clients to you like a moth to a flame !


2. Engaging Content

You know how important creating great content is for positioning yourself as the authority on your topic, building trust and ultimately, making sales.

There are two parts to creating engaging content:

Part 1 - Understanding how to create content your ideal client wants to consume and

Part 2 - Getting engagement on your content.


In Boost Yourself you’ll learn how to create great content that engages your ideal client AND we'll take it one step further for you.

To help you get more engagement and traction on your posts (you know, besides your friends and family or spending $100’s of dollars in advertising), we created boost posts.

The chance for others in the group to engage with you to help you gain traction on your posts (think more likes and comments on your posts).


3. Content That Converts!

Once you have your clear message, you are creating consistent content that engages people, then you need to convert them into clients!

In Boost Yourself you’ll learn how to build your email with your content. You’ll also learn how to start conversations in your inbox so that you can talk to serious prospects and bring the conversation beyond the platform.


The Doors Are Now Closed. 


What Exactly Is A Boost Post?

To help you gain traction on your awesome new content that converts, we create boost posts! Where you and your fellow Boosters will 'boost' each others posts. See it in action and the results!



Frequently Asked Questions

It's for driven entrepreneurs who want to gain more exposure on LinkedIn. 

You want to build a tribe of your ideal clients so you can serve your purpose and build a fun business. 

Oh and you LOVE the idea of getting hundreds of dollars worth of free exposure! (Yes, please!)

A boost post is where each person posts their most recent post on either LinkedIn or Instagram on the same post (there will be one platform per post).

Everyone who posts at that time has to thoughtfully comment and like ALL posts within the hour. 

This is your best shot at getting picked up by the algorithm for maximize exposure to your audience and those whom have commented on yours. 

So for example: if 20 people at that time comment on the boost post, then you will have 19 comments on your post within an hour!! (Yes, please!)

You can participate as much or as little as you like. Right now there are six boost posts a week. Three for Instagram and three for LinkedIn. 

To be a part of this awesome community it's only $47 CDN /month and yes, you can cancel anytime! :) 


About Jennifer Trask, MBA
For over a decade, Jennifer has been helping driven entrepreneurs build powerhouse mindsets that enable them to take massive action built on incredible courage, confidence and clarity. Combined with strategic business direction, Jennifer’s clients experience massive shifts and growth in their business’s.

Jennifer is an international speaker and has been featured in The Huffington Post, Inspired coach Magazine and the Upwork Digital Nomad Series. Reaching over 10,000+ entrepreneurs online everyday, Jennifer is passionate about helping entrepreneurs who are creating positive change for our people and planet.


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