Accelerate Your Business With The Mastermind Of Awesomeness

If you are ready to grow and take consistent, focused action to get real results in your business, this is for you.


Anna R, Feminine Essence

"I set goals at the beginning of the Mastermind with Jennifer and wasn't really sure how or if I would achieve those goals. BUT I did achieve them! Weekly calls and follow-ups on Facebook kept me on track and proceeding towards the goals.

Jennifer provided insights and guidance that were very helpful! She is an expert in business and she helped me in so many ways I had no idea to even expect. I recommend Jennifer's Mastermind to anyone who is ready to move to the next level in their business!"

You Deserve To Experience The Results You Really Want

Imagine this: It's New Years Eve and 2018 is just about to be here. You take a moment to reflect on the last year. A HUGE smile comes across your face. YOU DID IT.

You feel immense pride washing over you. Your dreams are no longer a dream, they are happening. 

You are so excited for 2018 because you are going into it ahead. No longer trying to catch up, feeling behind or overwhelmed.

You are clear, in control and getting results.

You have support, traction and most importantly, you have momentum.

Ahhh... yes, this feels good. This is what you have been wanting.


Why is this happening?

  • This is happening because over the last 4 months you took consistent focused action. 
  • You got the help and support from someone who can move you further faster than if you were alone. 
  • You stopped trying to figure stuff out and just got the answers right away - no more wasting time on things that don't work! 
  • You joined the Mastermind Of Awesomeness. 


The mastermind is for you if you...

  • are ready to take your business to the next level (meaning, you WILL take action each week AND you are excited about the idea of that).
  • you want momentum in your business. No more starting and stopping.
  • know that accountability is key and you want a safe space to brainstorm, get advice, share, get feedback and grow.
  • want a plan of action that will get you results!
  • want to have an experienced coach by your side as you implement.
  • like the idea of being a part of a small group of committed people helping each other.
  • are available Tuesdays @ 1pm EST for 90 minutes - 2 hours (beginning August 29, 2017)


We will have a private Facebook group where we can communicate daily, ask for feedback, share ideas and get inspired! 

The group will have a max of 10 people. 

We will run for 16 weeks, August 28th - December 15th, 2017. There will be 14 calls in total. 

This is perfect for you if you are ready for momentum and you want to stop trying to 'figure it all out yourself'. You will save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration by having an experienced business coach and advisor with you while you build your business.

If you are ready to accelerate your results, step up into the leader that you are and make things happen... join us. 

"Throughout the last year my business has become an actual business where I’m marketing well, growing my list and I have consistent income and clients. I don’t think I knew what I needed to know or do until we started to work together."

Jenn Hand
Food Freedom Coach

Mihaela Telecan, Healing With Foods

"Being part of the mastermind will help you stay focused as it is easy to get scattered but this will keep you on the fastest road to your goals. Jennifer gives lots of support and of course resources. Go do it! You are going to love it and it will help you propel your business to the next level faster than if you do it just on your own."


The Doors Close In...










Win-Win: Sales Conversations Made Easy For Coaches

With all the new discovery calls you'll be getting, you'll want to know how to master them so you can keep hearing 'Yes!' from your ideal clients to work with you. Win-Win, Sales Conversations Made Easy For Coaches will do just that for you.

This program is designed to help you know:

  • what to do to prepare for the call so you can set it up right the first time
  • what questions to ask so that the conversation flows easily
  • how to overcome the top 4 objections of:
  1. I don’t have enough money
  2. I don’t have enough time
  3. I have talk to my partner
  4. I have to think about it

After this program you will have the confidence to inspire the sale every single time. Guaranteed.

Tenaya Plowman Kolar, TPK Feng Shui

"When I started working with Jennifer I was in an incredibly overwhelming place in my business. Now, I have such clarity and am enjoying the journey of building my business. The mastermind is incredibly powerful because you have the perspective of so many people including Jennifer's expertise. Working with Jennifer is eye opening - I highly recommend it!"



1. When does the mastermind start?
The mastermind will run from Tuesday, August 29th through until Friday December 15th, 2017. Our meetings will be via Zoom. Everyone will have a chance to share each week.

Our Facebook group will open a week or so beforehand so you can get acquainted!

2. What time do we meet?
We meet at 1pm EST on Tuesdays. There will be 14 calls in total (out of the 16 weeks).


3. What if I can’t make every call?

It’s okay if you can’t make every call. As long as you can make most calls, you’ll be good to go. Remember that you have the Facebook group where you can ask questions, for feedback and get support DAILY over the course of the 16 weeks.

You don’t have to wait for the calls to get support - woo hoo!

4. What will we cover?
The topics will range based on what each person needs. This is where it will get good!! You get what you need and you will learn from others.

5. How do I know if it is right for me?
If you want to accelerate your learning and get results faster, this is for you. By joining the mastermind you will have massive accountability and access to a coach who has already walked the path you are on and have helped 100’s of coaches do the same.

You will learn things you didn’t even know you needed to learn and therefore get results faster. This is about helping you gain momentum that you just can’t get by yourself.

You’ll be inspired, motivated and supported and surrounded by awesomeness! 

6. Can I talk to you personally first? 

Yes. If you are seriously considering joining the mastermind and want to connect with me personally first to ensure it is right for you then just email me and we will set up a time to chat. 

I can't wait to talk to you!

"There were lots of ideas and tips about marketing that I wouldn't have thought of myself to help me get my first 100 paying subscribers. I don't know that this project would have actually happened yet if it hadn't been for you. So thank you."

Melanie Caines
Yoga Instructor

"The most dramatic shift I’ve experienced since working with Jennifer is in myself. When I first began coaching I was feeling lost and hopeless. I now have a solid plan for my business which includes hiring an employee and I’m reinvigorated about my business and my life.

Angie Bell
Owner, Angela Bell Acupuncture


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