Increase Your Visibility & Engagement On LinkedIn & Instagram

It’s time for your content to gain the visibility and engagement that it deserves without having to pay $100’s in advertising every month.


There’s a way to boost your engagement and be seen by a larger network then ever before on LinkedIn and Instagram. 

You know how important creating great content is for positioning yourself as the authority on your topic, building trust and ultimately, making sales.

But here’s the thing:

Creating Great Content Just Isn’t Enough Anymore. 

Getting people to ENGAGE with your content (you know, besides your friends and family) is what you need. And it can be tough, especially if you don’t have a large monthly advertising budget.

There’s A LOT of noise and competition on social media. Now more then ever more and more people are becoming content creators.

Those who figure out how to gain more traction with less time and money are going to win the game.

Luckily, there’s a better way to do it. Together with a group of committed, engaged and driven entrepreneurs you can work together to ‘boost yourself’!


What Exactly Is Boost Yourself?

It's a growing community where like minded entrepreneurs 'boost' each other's LinkedIn and Instagram posts. See it in action and the results!


Here's What's Included In Boost Yourself

Increase Engagement

Gain the most traction out of your content on Instagram & LinkedIn with the Boost Posts 6 days/week! Get more likes and comments from our group and your network then ever before! 

Content That Converts

Learn the secrets of how to create content that converts. Inside you have 5 modules to help you execute awesome content that will attract ideal clients to want to work with you!

Supportive Community

Never feel alone again! Get to know the community and align yourself with driven, kind and smart entrepreneurs making waves in their industries and helping each other along the way! 


About Jennifer Trask, MBA
For over a decade, Jennifer has been helping driven entrepreneurs build powerhouse mindsets that enable them to take massive action built on incredible courage, confidence and clarity. Combined with strategic business direction, Jennifer’s clients experience massive shifts and growth in their business’s.

Jennifer is an international speaker and  has been featured in The Huffington Post, Inspired coach Magazine and the Upwork Digital Nomad Series. Reaching over 10,000+ entrepreneurs online everyday, Jennifer is passionate about helping entrepreneurs who are creating positive change for our people and planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

A boost post is where each person posts their most recent post on either LinkedIn or Instagram on the same post (there will be one platform per post).

Everyone who posts at that time has to thoughtfully comment and like ALL posts within the hour. 

This is your best shot at getting picked up by the algorithm for maximize exposure to your audience and those whom have commented on yours. 

So for example: if 20 people at that time comment on the boost post, then you will have 19 comments on your post within an hour!! (Yes, please!)

It's for driven entrepreneurs who want to gain more exposure on LinkedIn and/or Instagram. 

You want to build a tribe of your ideal clients so you can serve your purpose and build a fun business. 

Oh and you LOVE the idea of getting hundreds of dollars worth of free exposure! (Yes, please!)

To be a part of this awesome community it's only $37 CDN /month and yes, you can cancel anytime! :) 


There are three reasons Facebook is not included (yet). 

1. Facebook is very crowded at the moment. 

2. LinkedIn & Instagram are growing platforms with tremendous opportunities for those willing to dive in and get to work! 

3. Facebook has an incredible advertising platform and works well! 

Also - as the group grows and if we have enough demand we will add Facebook in the future. However right now, we are focusing only on LinkedIn & Instagram!

No. You only need to have one. If you have both - great! 

You can participate as much or as little as you like. Right now there are six boost posts a week. Three for Instagram and three for LinkedIn. 


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